ATX: Adventures in Austin (Soul Sister Edition)

Lindsay, my second shooter/best friend/soul sister came and visited me in Austin in November. I made sure to feed her good food (Franklin Barbecue is the best around, no joke) and take her to see just a fraction of what Austin has to offer. Here's just a few photos from the week and half she was here. Click to enlarge.

Lindsay & I had been planning to get photography themed tattoos for about a year - we finally made it happen thanks to Mike at True Blue Tattoo on Airport Blvd. He's an amazing artist and, as we found out, a member of a rockabilly/ska band! We went to go see his show at the Driskill downtown.

ATX: Around Town (New Lens Edition)

Over the last 10 days I rented a a new lens to try out - the 70-200mm f/2.8 IS USM lens. I shot with it every chance I got - and fell in love. Here's some of the results:

Sasha, the bride-to-be from this engagement shoot, agreed to be my first test subject. We went to the Hope Outdoor Gallery, a super cool repurposed art installation on Baylor Street- it's basically a wall of graffiti. The colors and shapes got turned into a dreamy bokeh to serve as a backdrop for our portrait session.

I also was able to shoot part of the Austin Fashion Week event. There are so many talented independent designers! Of course, my main interest was the wedding gowns.

M.E. Shirley

Romey Roe

Romey Roe


Adrienne Yunger

Adrienne Yunger

Adrienne Yunger

Adrienne Yunger

Ragg Dahl

After being bribed with bubble tea, Anjanee, one of my friends, volunteered to model for me for a quick mini shoot to work with some interesting lighting situations. She has such a gorgeous smile!

In the last couple days of my rental, I used the lens in day-to-day photography - miscellaneous shots of Austin, some wildlife, and a walk by Lady Bird Lake. All in all, I was really happy with this lens and will likely be purchasing it in the future.

Tyler & Sasha - Artsy Picnic Engagement

Sasha and Tyler have what everyone is looking for - a best friends kind of love. A loyal, stick by your side through thick and thin kind of love. The kind of love that everyone can see when they're in the same room. Sasha and Tyler were a pleasure to photograph and it was wonderful to capture their natural interactions - laughing at each other's joke, taking a quiet moment to appreciate the other, and the many kisses they exchanged. Click to enlarge photos.

Marshall & Katie - Punk Rock Doctor Who Engagement at the University of Texas

UGH! I. LOVE. THIS. COUPLE. An abbreviated quote from Simon Pegg says it best: "Being a geek ... means never having to play it cool about how much you like something." These two clearly love Doctor Who - but they also unabashedly love each other. Marshall & Katie are 100% GEEKED about spending their lives together and it couldn't have shown more! Here's a quick look at their engagement shoot. Click to enlarge.

We spent the morning on the University of Texas campus. Marshall & Katie showed me the classroom that they met in, where Marshall spent a lot of time looking longingly at the back of Katie's head. We then continued to the classroom where Marshall had most of his classes - I loved the old style wooden desks!

Then we headed to the university's radio studio and music library. Katie was a DJ for the college radio station for three years, where they "play none of the hits, all of the time." The studio was a photographer's dream - lots of cool details, textures and reflections, not to mention the super giant and colorful KVRX (their call sign) letters! Katie & Marshall changed into some sweet rock t-shirts for the occasion - plus check out Marshall's AWESOME plaid pants!

Everyone knows you can't have an engagement shoot on the UT campus without sporting burnt orange, throwing up hook 'em horns and kissing in front of the tower! Check out baby Marshall & Katie - just as adorable now as they were 20-some years ago!

We saved the most Whovian photos for last - the combination of the fourth Doctor's scarf and eleven's sonic screwdriver PLUS a River Song t-shirt AND a Doctor Who t-shirt that shows allllll of the Doctors makes for a geektastic series of shots.

ATX: Architects of Air

The more I explore Austin, the more I fall in love with the city. One of the reasons I love living here is that there are so many unique things to do and see! One of those things was the Architects of Air exhibit at the Long Center downtown Austin. Basically, the exhibit is a giant air-filled dome with expansive tunnels and many "rooms." The ceilings are strategically shaped and decorated to let light in, creating a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes. It was a photographer's dream! I joined Jessica and Sasha of Hello Darling on this Austin adventure. Click to enlarge images.