Kevin & Casandra - Kickass Nerdy Outdoor Wedding

Kevin & Casandra's wedding was one of the most unique weddings I've shot and a great way to kick off the 2015 wedding season. KJ, their son, was included in the wedding ceremony in a really awesome way (and he has some of the sweetest dance moves I've ever seen!).

They opted for a lifestyle wedding shot, forgoing the traditional family photos and opting for more photojournalistic photos that captured natural moments - mom and daughter laughing, Kevin & Casandra snapping post-wedding selfies, and friends showing off their shoes. Kevin is super into sneakers, and he exchanged custom-made sneakers with Casanda that were designed to show off their past, present and future together.

Check out this wedding for Star Wars, sweet kicks, and a whole lotta love below. Click to enlarge.

ATX: Adventures in Austin (Soul Sister Edition)

Lindsay, my second shooter/best friend/soul sister came and visited me in Austin in November. I made sure to feed her good food (Franklin Barbecue is the best around, no joke) and take her to see just a fraction of what Austin has to offer. Here's just a few photos from the week and half she was here. Click to enlarge.

Lindsay & I had been planning to get photography themed tattoos for about a year - we finally made it happen thanks to Mike at True Blue Tattoo on Airport Blvd. He's an amazing artist and, as we found out, a member of a rockabilly/ska band! We went to go see his show at the Driskill downtown.