ATX: Adventures in Austin (Soul Sister Edition)

Lindsay, my second shooter/best friend/soul sister came and visited me in Austin in November. I made sure to feed her good food (Franklin Barbecue is the best around, no joke) and take her to see just a fraction of what Austin has to offer. Here's just a few photos from the week and half she was here. Click to enlarge.

Lindsay & I had been planning to get photography themed tattoos for about a year - we finally made it happen thanks to Mike at True Blue Tattoo on Airport Blvd. He's an amazing artist and, as we found out, a member of a rockabilly/ska band! We went to go see his show at the Driskill downtown.

Year in Review: Best of 2014

2014 was my first full year in Austin. I have had a blast shooting my way around central Texas. A big thank you to all of my clients this past year - you guys are the reason why I do what I do. Here's a round up of some of my favorite shots, in no particular order, from the last 12 months. Click to enlarge.

Light and air.

The University of Texas tower very early in the morning.

East Austin Succulents.


At the Hope Outdoor Gallery.

Austin Fashion Week.

Downtown Austin.

Austin skyline at night.



High five.