Marshall & Katie - Punk Rock Doctor Who Engagement at the University of Texas

UGH! I. LOVE. THIS. COUPLE. An abbreviated quote from Simon Pegg says it best: "Being a geek ... means never having to play it cool about how much you like something." These two clearly love Doctor Who - but they also unabashedly love each other. Marshall & Katie are 100% GEEKED about spending their lives together and it couldn't have shown more! Here's a quick look at their engagement shoot. Click to enlarge.

We spent the morning on the University of Texas campus. Marshall & Katie showed me the classroom that they met in, where Marshall spent a lot of time looking longingly at the back of Katie's head. We then continued to the classroom where Marshall had most of his classes - I loved the old style wooden desks!

Then we headed to the university's radio studio and music library. Katie was a DJ for the college radio station for three years, where they "play none of the hits, all of the time." The studio was a photographer's dream - lots of cool details, textures and reflections, not to mention the super giant and colorful KVRX (their call sign) letters! Katie & Marshall changed into some sweet rock t-shirts for the occasion - plus check out Marshall's AWESOME plaid pants!

Everyone knows you can't have an engagement shoot on the UT campus without sporting burnt orange, throwing up hook 'em horns and kissing in front of the tower! Check out baby Marshall & Katie - just as adorable now as they were 20-some years ago!

We saved the most Whovian photos for last - the combination of the fourth Doctor's scarf and eleven's sonic screwdriver PLUS a River Song t-shirt AND a Doctor Who t-shirt that shows allllll of the Doctors makes for a geektastic series of shots.