Marshall & Katie - Whovian Library Wedding

I am generally a punctual person, but the first time I met Marshall & Katie, I was an hour and a half late. I arrived at the coffee shop that served as our meeting place after trying to navigate icy highway roads with hundreds of Texas drivers that aren't used to wintery conditions. Turns out, I was late for a meeting with two people who would quickly become some of my favorite clients.

After being incredibly chill about my tardiness, we talked about their upcoming wedding and I realized that I was talking to two of the most genuine people I've ever met. Marshall & Katie are unashamedly, unabashedly in love - with each other, with their passions, and with Doctor Who. I thought I couldn't be more excited to photograph their Whovian wedding, but totally geeked when I heard it was being held in the San Antonio library! Check out some of the photos from their day - click to enlarge.

Katie got ready in The Menger Hotel, a famous hotel across the street from the Alamo in San Antonio. The hotel is gorgeous, and Katie provided Lindsay - my second shooter - and I with many facts and stories about the hotel and surrounding city. Fun fact about her dress - it has POCKETS. Perfect for fitting a flask into.

After Katie was ready, we decided to head to the library to do a first look and get some photos before the ceremony. Katie decided to drive over to the library with Lindsay and I - little did we know we'd be stuck in the parking garage for an hour! Unbeknownst to us, there was a parade and art festival going on nearby, making travel nearly impossible. Katie, one of the chillest brides I've ever met, passed the time by catching up on the latest Doctor Who episodes (what else?!). When we finally made it to the library, it was time to start the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we took family and bridal party photos and then headed upstairs to take some photographs in the library stacks. The central San Antonio library features a large sculpture by one of my favorite glass artists, Dale Chihuly.

After some portraits, we rejoined the party. I loved all of the Doctor Who details - the tiny figurines that guests were able to take home (customized with Marshall & Katie's favorite Dr. Who quotes!), River Song and the 11th Doctor on the wedding cheesecake, the Tardis blue bridesmaid dresses - all of it! I especially loved the jar full of notes and well-wishes for the newlyweds.

There were heartfelt toasts, dancing, and general merriment. One of the guests brought a Silence mask - so of course we had to have some fun with that! We ended the night with a few more portraits around the library.