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Fairy Lights & Bondage Mini Boudoir Session

For this session, we wanted to show a softer side of bondage - it's not all leather and whips and chains (although it can be!). This mini session focused on rope with moodier lighting. A mini session is perfect for exploring a concept like this one without having to go all-in immediately.

Flower Crown Boudoir Photography in Austin, TX

Austin Boudoir Flower Crown

Leftover flowers from a previous shoot and a creative spark led to the creation of a flower crown for this sweet pastel boudoir shoot. Doesn't she look like a goddess? She had this to say about her boudoir shoot:

I’ve never done boudoir before and Madelinne opened up a new door to self love and expression.
Austin Boudoir Photographer
Madelinne is someone I feel very comfortable with and I would not have had the same experience elsewhere. She not only makes you feel comfortable, but also coaches you through the shoot - the results were amazing.
Natural Light Boudoir