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Dan & Leslie - Vietnamese Tea Ceremony Wedding

One of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer is being exposed to new traditions - Dan & Leslie’s north Austin Vietnamese wedding ceremony is a perfect examples of just that! Dan & Leslie live in Washington D.C., where they held an American wedding ceremony, but travelled to Austin to celebrate with Dan’s side of the family. Check out Leslie’s two wedding dresses, tea ceremonies, and lots of love below - click to enlarge images.

As per Vietnamese tradition, Dan and his family arrived at the rental home where Leslie and her parents where staying. They brought gifts, wrapped in red, to share and asked Leslie’s parents for their permission for the marriage to take place (of course they said yes!).

After the tea ceremony, Leslie and her parents opened the gifts that were brought over, including wine, fruit and a roast pig.

We headed to a pavilion area nearby and to take some portraits.

The whole group then headed over to Dan’s grandmother’s house where Leslie and her parents were welcomed into the family. Leslie had changed into her red dress that Dan’s mother made (Leslie’s mom made the white dress - what a cool way to involved both moms!). Leslie & Dan presented tea to all that were present and received advice and red envelopes in return.

After the tea ceremonies were complete, Dan & Leslie and I headed to the park across the street to take some more portraits. I really enjoyed seeing how Dan & Leslie interacted with each other - they seemed to be perfectly in sync.