Johnmark & Leah - Barefoot Farm Wedding

Johnmark & Leah's wedding was one of my favorites - mostly because Leah is such a dear friend of mine. I have known Leah my entire life - she's basically my soul sister! I visited her a couple years ago at Plow Creek  - a small Illinois farm she was living on - and she told me all about the boy she had fallen in love with. I met said boy about a year later when I travelled to Chicago to take their engagement photos. Johnmark is Leah's soulmate - it was easy to see how this bread baking, wood craving cutie had captured her heart. They fit together like two pieces in a puzzle and complement each other like two chords in a song. I was honored to photograph their wedding at the same farm I had visited a couple years earlier. Johnmark & Leah infused every last bit of their wedding with significance - Johnmark even built the chuppah they were married under! Check out their wedding (and all of the AWESOME details!) below.