Tyler & Sasha - Outdoor, Lace and Gold Garden Wedding

I met Sasha just a few weeks after I moved to Austin when I started working at Anthropologie for the holidays. I met Tyler just a few weeks after that when they got engaged. It was pretty clear from the moment I saw them together that they were meant to be, but their wedding, held at the Umaluf Sculpture Garden in Austin, was the frosting on top of the already perfect cake! Here's a just a quick look at their day. Click to enlarge.

My second shooter, Lindsay, and I met up with Sasha at a rental house where she was getting ready, just down the road from the sculpture garden. Her bridesmaids joined us at Umlauf to finish getting ready. Check out the adorable bridesmaid gifts Sasha crafted!

Meanwhile, as Sasha was getting ready, Lindsay went to find Tyler to capture some pre-wedding portraits. His groomsmen kept him company until we were ready to for Tyler & Sasha's first look!

After their first look, we joined the rest of the bridal party for some quick portraits before the ceremony began. We also took some time for portraits of just the two of them bathed in that terrific golden hour light!

There was a special moment when Tyler gave Sasha a card he had written before the wedding. Neither of them could stop smiling!

The ceremony began at sunset, with Sasha's uncle as the officiant. Their vows were sweet and personal, and Tyler surprised Sasha with her ring! Their excitement was infectious as they high-fived their way down the aisle.

The reception was also held at the sculpture garden. Bristol Lane not only created Sasha's bouquet, but also all of the gorgeous centerpieces! The desserts - including mini pies, cookies, and cake - came from Sugar Mama's Bakeshop.

Tyler & Sasha took to the floor for their first dance, followed by Sasha and her papa. After dancing and dinner, they cut the cake and and then Tyler and his mom shared a dance.

After the official dances were done, the DJ opened the dance floor up to everyone - and Sasha & Tyler's friends and family took advantage of it! Some other guests took advantage of the lawn games, including giant Jenga, that Sasha's papa made.

I knew Sasha & Tyler were in sync, but when they busted out the exact same dance moves from across the dance floor when Jason DeRulo's Trumpets came on, I realized they were made for each other.

They night came to and end, and Tyler & Sasha exited among a flutter of glow sticks to head to their honeymoon in Disneyland!