Shane & Jen - Laid-Back, Outdoor/Courthouse Wedding

I first met Shane & Jen in person at their home in Houston, TX, right before we took their engagement photos. After speaking to them on the phone and via Skype, it was wonderful to meet them in person and see how perfect they are for each other. Like chips and queso or good beer and friends, each of them are lovely apart from each other, but even better when combined! Below are the highlights of the day; click to enlarge.

I travelled to Blanco, TX to photograph their morning ceremony at the Blanco County Courthouse. Shane & Jen got ready together at their hotel, before we headed to the courthouse to take family photos. Jen made her veil by hand, which was a lovely touch.

Morgan Wedding-052.jpg

After the portraits were finished, everyone headed down to the park across the street for the ceremony. Guests picked up a copy of "a brief guide to today's marital events," custom printed sunglasses and choose which team to root for - Oklahoma or Texas. Shane & Jen's ceremony was unique and personal - one aspect I really liked was they they placed the rings on their own fingers, symbolizing that they each chose to make the commitment on their own.

After the ceremony, we went to a different part of the park with a giant tree to take some portraits. Afterwards, Shane & Jen went to get some coffee at a local shop nearby, and to take a few minutes to themselves before heading to the courthouse for the brunch reception.

The brunch reception was full of Shane & Jennifer's friends and family and it was clear that everyone there loved them both to pieces! The reception was full of personal touches, from the succulents on every table to the hand-illustrated cake toppers that Shane created. There were heartfelt, funny toasts, a photo booth, and lots of laughter.

After the reception, I headed back to Austin. In the evening, I headed to the Gatsby on 6th Street for the after party and more good times with good food and good friends. Part of the night was comprised of taking photos of every single person that put on Shane's hat! The night ended with a sing-along, toasts, and a special congratulations video from Shane's favorite band.