ATX: Drink and Click

Happy Throwback Thursday y'all! Drink and Click is an organization that gathers all kinds of photographers from all skill levels at a bar to socialize and get to know each other. 

I've only made it to two of the meeting with the Austin chapter, but I've loved both of them! I've meet some super cool people and the opportunity to practice nighttime photography is always welcome.

Here's just a few shots from my experiences. Click to enlarge.

Shane & Jennifer - Taco Truck and the "Best Bar in the World" Engagement

I traveled to Houston to photograph Shane & Jennifer at their favorite bar - just a short walk from their apartment. When Shane told me it was the best bar in the world, I had to be a bit skeptical - but after seeing Shane & Jennifer having a good time drinking beer, playing corn hole, and eating tacos from a food truck across the street I became a believer! I am so excited to photograph their Wes Anderson influenced wedding in September - here's some photos from our shoot - click to enlarge.

Brad & Kayla - Purple & Silver Catholic Wedding

Brad & Kayla have been dating since high school, so it made sense that their wedding theme was At Last! Throughout their big day, it was evident that Brad & Kayla are meant to be together, like mac & cheese, peanut butter & jelly and butter & toast. They shared the sweetest looks and the most joyful laughs. I am sure they are going to have a long and happy life together!

After arriving at the St. Michael Church, I photographed Kayla getting ready. We had some time afterwards to capture some bridal portraits while my second shooter, Alex, took some time to capture some portraits of Brad.

Brad & Kayla's ceremony was beautiful. I particularly liked the Father's message. He even asked everyone if they knew any other languages. He was very excited when Alex said he knew German and expertly worked that into his message.


After the ceremony, we took some portraits around the gorgeous church and then hopped on the bus to head to the reception. We made some stops along the way. First stop was to visit Brad's other two loves - Dolla, Brad & Kayla's beloved puppy (you may remember her from their engagement shoot - she's such a sweetheart!) and his sports car. Our second stop was along a stretch of dirt road to take some portraits in the countryside. Finally, we stopped at Brad & Kayla's favorite bar to dance a bit and play some pool.


Kayla & Brad did an excellent job of decorating their reception hall - it was beautiful! All of the little details were what really made it magical. The bridal party danced their way into the hall to cheers and applause.  They got the night started off right with touching and funny toasts. Brad & Kayla's amazingly talented aunt handmade their cake - it was as delicious as it looked! After the traditional dances (first dance, father & daughter, mother & son) and the bouquet toss, Brad surprised Kayla with a dancing lip-syncing performance as he retrieved her garter! Brad makes an amazing crooner. The night ended with a consistently full dance floor, lots of laughter and even a little bit of air guitar.