Andrew & Mary - Rainy Wedding in a Pioneer Town

I met Andrew & Mary on the day of their wedding after a flurry of emails and a Skype date. It was unusually cold for Texas, and the sky was doing exactly what we had hoped it wouldn't - rain. Andrew & Mary and their guests shrugged off the rain, and the day went without a hitch - including the outdoor ceremony. What I loved most about Andrew & Mary's wedding was that beneath the gorgeous exterior - fur stoles, crystals hanging from tree branches, and the most ornate bouquet you could imagine - was a VERY nerdy core. Andrew & Mary expertly wove their interests into the small details - the bouquet was hiding a GoPro camera, the wedding program read like a computer program, and the groom's cufflinks featured Trailer Park Boys characters. Check out their multi-layered wedding below - click the images to enlarge.