Scott & Samantha - Blue & Yellow Retro Wedding

Scott & Samantha's wedding was awesome - highlights for me included the retro/vintage vibe of Samantha's make-up and dress, the blue and yellow bird themed decor, and the sick dance moves everyone busted out at the reception!  As always, click to make the photos bigger - enjoy this snapshot of their special day!

The day started with capturing all of the girls getting ready at a bridemaid's house. Ladies - if you are ever wondering where you should be getting ready, do what Samantha did and pick someplace with lots of windows and natural light. It'll make your eyes sparkle!

Also - check out the super cute and thoughtful bridesmaid emergency kits Samantha put together for her girls. They came in handy throughout the day!

Scott & Samantha's ceremony and reception took place at the same hall, so next we headed over there for Samantha to get her dress on. We snuck peeks at the adorable place settings and other details in the meantime.  If that's not the coolest ombre cake you have ever seen, you're lying!

The ceremony took place outside on an adorable little patio in the back of the hall. Scott's uncle officiated and Samantha & Scott both wrote their own vows. I don't think there was a dry eye in the place!

After the ceremony, we took family and bridal portraits. Samantha and her sorority sisters taught me the "sorority squat!" - Scott's fraternity brothers learned a thing or two as well! The bridesmaids reenacted the cover of the movie of the same name - I've never seen it, but if it's as full of sass as these girls are, I'm sure I'll love it!

We then enjoyed dinner and some wonderful toasts by the maids of honor and best men (yes, that's plural - why have only one when two is twice as nice?). Scott & Samantha cut into that gorgeous cake and everyone burned the calories off by dancing the afternoon away!


After a while, I stole Scott & Samantha from the dance floor to take some romantic portraits by themselves. I really wanted the vibe to match the soft, vintage feel of her dress.


When we came back inside, Samantha's sorority sisters surprised her with a song. They linked arms and formed a circle. The ladies of Alpha Sigma Tau made their loving message clear - Samantha became a wife, but they'll be sisters for life!